Zyme granule is stored in the house for numerous nutrients in available form. It is mixed up with soil-degradable granule formulation for better inoculation in the fields. These granules when connected to the soil release nutrients in plants rhizosphere thus stimulate growth of advantageous microorganism and provide nutrients support to plants at basic phase of development.

Jaivik Crop LLp is amanufacturer and supplier of Zyme Granule fertilizer. It is used to develop to balance the product with a combination of nutrients, enzymes, crude proteins, Fulvic Acid, etc. It is highly used for organic product for better growth and productivity which can be used for all type of plants, agriculture, plantation crops.

Features of Zyme granule fertilizer is

  • Act as a soil conditioner
  • Nontoxic and safe to use
  • Improve the organic content of the soil.