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Bio fertilizer are defined as preparations containing living cells or inert cells of effective strains of microorganisms that help yield plants take of nutrients by their co operations in the rhizosphere when connected through seed or soil. The stimulates some microbial procedure in the dirt which increase the degree of accessibility of supplements in a frame effectively acclimatized by plants.

It enhances the physical-substance attributes of soil expanding the microbial and enzymatic richness.  It increases the roots development and does renewing activities in depleted soils. It makes accessible to the plants amino acids usable for the protein and gives strength to plants quickening their development. It improves the nature of the soil; help the soil to make morsel structure keep the water and nutrients in the soil.

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What is a Bio Fertilizer used for?

Title: - Use bio-fertilizers to preserve soil nutrients and help produces crops good for human health.

The Bio-fertilizer is highly used in the agricultural. Bio fertilizer can be productively used in cultivation of rice, dal and other staple crops as commercial crops such as cotton, sugarcane etc and also in vegetable and fruit cultivations. Bio fertilizer provide us phosphorous, nitrogen nutrients to plants N3 fixation and phosphorous other mechanisms. To avoid harmful chemical in the agricultural produce is to use bio-fertilizers, bio pesticides and bio fungicides.

Bio-fertilizers are used to improve soil fertility and plant growth in a natural and sustainable way. They contain living microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and algae that help in nutrient cycling, fix atmospheric nitrogen, solubilize phosphorus, and produce plant growth-promoting substances. Some common uses of bio-fertilizers include: Increasing soil fertility, Enhancing plant growth, Reducing environmental pollution, Controlling soil-borne diseases, Improving soil structure.

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Jaivik Crop LLP are one of the most prominent Bio fertilizer manufacture and as well as Bio fertilizer supplier. We are Manufacturer of high quality range of organic bio fertilizers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We also supply them in other states like Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab etc. Bio fertilizers are one of the important components of organic farming that enhances the plant growth and also improve the health of the fertility of soil. As Bio fertilizer which gives you more activity of agricultural and as result that improve the economic condition of the farmer.The problem faced with chemical fertilizers such as increased salinity and chemical junk can be solve with application of bio fertilizers which ensure a healthy environment for upcoming future generations. The crops which are grown with bio fertilizers can consider as a pure organic and healthier as the plants are allowed to grown and produce fruits and vegetables in a natural ways. We Manufacture best quality bio fertilizers at affordable price to promote agriculture in India.

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Being one of the best exporter of Bio Fertilizers, We export our products in Asia and other countries like South africa, Australia, Brazil, Thailand etc., it gives protection to the crops against diseases and insect pest hence its reduces the pesticides in this fields. As a result we will not suffer diseases like cancer, skin, and etc.  There are different types bio fertilizers used for crops, rice’s, vegetable, and fruits according to your requirement. They are cheaper, pollution free and renewable energy sources. It also improves the soil fertility and soil productivity.

Despite of fabulous positive result bio fertilizers has yet to get large scale application in agriculture due to varied response of crop species to medium containing bacterial strains. Bacteria with good competitive and high saprophytic mode become the critical factors determining the success of bio fertilizers.

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