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Soil conditioner is a substance that can be added to soil changes the soil properties is known as soil conditioners. Soil conditioners repair damaged soil and help maintain the soil quality for plants life.  After some time soil will move toward become compacted soil conditioners help to relax the soil and also renew and keep up supplements all together for the plants to thrive. Though some soil conditioner do work better when placed on top of soil after planting the crop.

Soil conditioners may consist of organic matters. These eventual the plants and animals. When compost is added to the existing soil it begins decomposing immediately as it provides an additional rich food sources for the microorganisms in the soil. The microorganisms eat the plants and animals remains and eventually die thus adding themselves to the organic composition of the soil. By providing organic matter as a soil conditioner we are helping the plants to healthy life. As when soil becomes depicted of organic matter and water tends to drain and the biology is less profit.

Soil conditioners are used to balance out the exchange capacity within different type of soil because there are various type of soil there are various level of soil within each of these different types. As there is requirement of the nutrients as the time when plants needs them the most.Healthy soil grows healthy plants. Soil becomes healthy they requires organic matters. Many soil conditioner added various nutrients such as carbon and nitrogen and beneficial bacteria, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.

Benefits of soil conditioners

There are mainly 3 benefits of Soil conditioner is

  • Disease preventions : - Soil conditioner boosts natural health of the soil and lawn making it less prone to diseases. Its help the strengthen of the grass plants it less susceptible attacks to the roots. Damaged root struggle to absorb water making the grass plants more susceptible to the fungi and viral diseases which affecting the top growth.
  • Enhances growth : - Soil conditioner acts as a food for the thousands of beneficial bacteria which as they decompose organic materials in the soil release the organic nitrogen and phosphorous boosting the root growth of the grass plants.
  • Recovery :-It recovery more quickly after an application of a soil conditioner especially during the time of drought.