Carboxylic Acid Fertilizer Manufacturer

Carboxylic Acid Fertilizer Supplier in India

Jaivik Crop LLP manufacture,supplier, exporter of highly good quality of Carboxylic acid fertilizer. We are manufacture Carboxylic acid fertilizer is having good results is found in many crops like increase in fruits size and weight improvement.

The carboxylic acid fertilizer which is manufacture by using good quality of raw materials and with advanced technology.

Quality of fruits improve and increaser in biological activity. Its better absorption of soil nutrients by plants. This is also used in the flower blooming best quality. Better resistance to high temperature condition and having long life.

Carboxylic acid fertilizer which improve better fruits, more vegetables, quality early flowering, and increase resistance in climate condition. It also help ful in crops, vegetables, fruits such as tomato, chilies , potato, rose, brinjal, mango, water melon, wheat and paddy sugarcane etc.

This should be used according to the instruction on the back side of the package. Before if you will used more then it will create problems to your vegetables, fruits, flower and crops.