Jaivik Crop LLP is manufacture and supplier of Bio Bactericide. The bio Bactericide is highly used for paddy and vegetables. It is like a crystalline white powder which 99% purity and water soluble substances. It can be used as spray also and highly having active antimicrobial compound. It is widely used as bactericide and fungicide in agriculture application to grow more organic vegetables. Jaivik Crop LLP is manufacture 100% organic products. The different techniques should be used of using Bio bactericide. There is some instruction given in the back side of product which way and how many days after you have to use it. The Bio bactericide manufacture by Jaivil crop LLP with highly professional team and with new technology.  All products are tested first and then it will dispatch to the clients. 

There are many features of Bio bactericide

  • Beneficial for take up space on the leaves, roots and leaving less area.
  • Safe to use
  • Best quality at reasonable price.