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Bio Fertilizers are supplement to chemical fertilizers. It is constituent incorporating living microorganisms when applied to plant surface or seeds, it settles in the interior part of plant. Bio Fertilizers improves the fertility of the land using biological wastes, and increases growth ability of the plant by supplying primary nutrients. These fertilizers are free from all types of chemicals that harm the living soil.

In todays era of green revolution, the modern agriculture has become totally dependent upon the supply of fertilizer. With the use of natural products i.e bio fertilizers helps in safeguarding the soil health and the quality of crop products. These fertilizers are vsery essential in reducing the cost of fertilizer especially regarding nitrogen and phosphorus, eco-friendly in nature and cost effective. Bio-fertilizers are being observed as the future of fertilizers, due to its efficiency of solving soil problems, chemical-run offs from the fields.

Benefits of bio fertilizers?

  • Bio-fertilizers are known for environment friendly nature.
  • Increase crop yield by 20-30%.
  • It harness atmospheric nitrogen and make it directly available to the plants
  • Stimulate plant growth and reinstate soil fertility
  • Improve root proliferation due to the release of growth promoting hormones
  • Activate the soil biologically.
  • Provide protection against drought and some soil borne diseases.

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