What is Bio Stimulant?

Bio Stimulant is defined as a substance that not used neither plant nutrients nora pesticide but has positive impact on plant health.  A Bio stimulant is an organic material that when applied in small quantities enhance plant growth and developments. Bio stimulant have been appeared to impact a few metabolic procedures such as respiration,photosynthesis,nucleic acid.

Bio stimulant are not fertilizers intended to rectify a serious supplement insufficiency yet are mixture of one or more thing such as microorganisms follow components.

What Bio stimulant Do?

  • A bio stimulant is applied in small quantities to enhance plants and microbial growth and development.
  • To improve the efficiency of plants nutrients by improving uptake or reduce drains or both.
  • Some bio stimulants are improve soil structure and its ability to enhance plant and microbial growth
  • Some improve plants ability to resist diseases.

Benefits of Bio stimulants

  • Improving the efficiency of plants to bring around yield and enhanced crops quality
  • Increases plant tolerance
  • Encouraging supplement absorption, translocation and utilize.
  • Improving quality properties of deliver including sugar content, shading, and natural product seeding and so on.
  • Use more water for efficiency
  • Improve the soil fertility particularly by fostering the development of complementary soil micro-organism.