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Plant nutrients that deal with plants need for certain chemical elements including their specific and interactive effects on all aspects of plant growth and developed their availability absorption, transport and utilization. This known as Plant nutrients.

The are some essential elements that plant provide Carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. As plants absorb the radiant energy from the sun and utilize it to convert carbon dioxide and water with simple sugar and through these processes of photosynthesis. The carbohydrates fills in as plants food which the stored chemical energy is extracted to fuel the different plants handle and auxiliary components derived from the organic mixes.

As Plant nutrients commonly react with other chemicals and get tied up or participate in the soil. So you could literally add a lot of nutrients to the soil but plants needs only small amount. A plant needs the essential nutrients nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium and other nutrients.

For this all the agriculture men have to use of soil test can help to determine the status of the plants available nutrients to develop fertilizer recommendations to achieve optimum crop productions. As Efficient utilization of the right sorts and amount of fertilizers for the supply of the nutrients is an imperative part of achieving profitable crops.

Plant nutrients levels very from year to year and frequently will very fields even on fields that seem to be uniform. It is therefore very necessary to follow certain steps to protect the soil sampling and testing to develop sound ongoing soil fertility management program. For this various steps of soil testing for good quality of plants, crops etc.

  • Determine whether and how the soil sample of each field
  • Use proper equipment and supplies
  • Sample at the proper time of the year
  • Take from inner depth of the soil for testing
  • Handle soil sample properly

    As Jaivik Crop LLP provide us high quality plant nutrients products to give us highly quality crops, vegetable, fruits etc. So concentrations on nutrients which are needed to the soil and proper soil testing should be done. Because healthy soil yields healthy crops taking the care of plant nutrient we will get good result.