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Bio Insecticide is one of biological agents that used to control harmful insects in agriculture growth is known as Bio Insecticides. One main advantage of bio insecticides is alternative to use chemical formulated insecticides. Bio-insecticides are eco-friendly, non –poisonous and cost efficient as compared to other. In olden era the name of the bio insecticides was beauveriabassiana.The bio-insecticides broadly grow in soil all around the world and capacity as group of insects, bringing about white muscardine infection.

Bio Insecticides are broadly used as bio-insecticides for the pest management of agricultural, forest, and other plants. A bio insecticide is powder in white color. As various strains have been gathered from affected insects, cultured, spores extracted and you can use spray able products for commercial utilization. The bio-insecticides which kill the insect they will come out in contact with fungal spores.

There are some ways how to handle those insect which are seen or died.

The death of the insect will take 3-5 days but dead insects may serve as a spreading of the fungus.

  • When spores is directly sprayed on the insects
  • When is move on the surface when spores are deposited
  • When insect are seen on the plants thus see in which portion you have to spray it.

Features of Bio –insecticides.

  • Bio-insecticides can inflect wide array of insects.
  • The fungus grows faster and possesses high degree of specificity
  • The action of bio insecticides are observed 5-7 days after treatment.
  • Highly effective within temperature of 28o c and also by methods and dose of application
  • Bio-insecticides can highly founding in corn plants having the capacity of living in the vascular tissue of certain corn cultivars

bio- insecticide which is harmful to the human being health risk to people who apply this insecticides or the people who consume the crops that have been treated with the fungus. As precautions should be taken to those because it effect the eyes, skin and lungs. It also effects to honeybees because highly actively feeding on the plants