Potassium Humate Fertilizer Manufacturer

Potassium Humate Fertilizer Supplier

Potassium Humate fertilizer is a very compelling natural fertilizer because humic acid is high dynamic agent can increase accessible potassium increase crop potassium absorption and utilization. Potassium humate is mixed with urea, phosphate, potash, and other elements can be produced high efficient multi –compound fertilizer. Potassium humate fertilizer is non-toxic, tasteless, dark common organic powder.  It is solvent in water it work bunch containing a extensive number of complex organic macromolecular compounds representing resistant to microbial decomposition with a strong absorption. In organic matter humicacid, fulvic, vegetarian amino acids and sugars. This can also be used organic fertilizer potash and an organic material is used for production of high quality of organic and complex fertilizer.

Usage of Potassium humate: -

  • The potassium humate highly used for fertilizer. The potassium humate spraying is used by spraying on the ground. It can be applied on the fruits, tree, tea and number of variety of trees like flower trees, flower, vegetables, rice and other crops. Potassium humate contains more amount of water also.

Benefits of Potassium Humate:-

  • Provide good condition for beneficial soil microbial
  • Improve the soil capacity
  • Can releases plants nutrients required after decomposition
  • Touch the roots improve crops quality and improve fruits sweetness.
  • Potassium humate can improve soil physical, soil aggregate structure reduce soil compactness to achieve a good condition.
  • The black color is good for absorbing heat and can help to early planting.