Zinc Sulphate Fertilizer Supplier

Zinc Sulphate 21% Fertilizer

Zinc Sulphate is most commonly used source of zinc in granular fertilizer because of its high solubility in water and it’s relatively low cost of production. Zinc sulphate as long terms supply of zinc to crops. Zinc sulphate is used as a fertilizer additive for preventing and correcting zinc deficiencies in crops. Zinc is an important for enzyme activity associated with carbohydrate metabolism in plants. It is also an important for proteins in animals. Zinc sulphate monohydrates have the highest solubility and are suitable for all types of soils. A single application containing 35 percent of Zn will usually last for 3 to 5 year of crop production. It is used and treated during the growing season or spray it. Zinc sulphate is highly harmful to the sheep. "Do not allow to drinks to eat or drink zinc sulphate powder or hoof bath solution. Keep out of reach of children".

Benefits of Zinc Sulphate 21%

  • Increase the crop amount
  • Regulate ph degree in soil
  • It help leaf to green color early
  • Fruits makes a good appearance
  • Increase the water holding capacity and later effects of plants
  • Increase the durability of the plant in cold weather.