Micronutrient Fertilizer Manufacturer

Micronutrients Fertilizer Exporter in india

Micronutrients are essential for plant growth and play an important role in balanced crop nutrient. They include micro nutrients like Boron, copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Zinc, Nickel etc. They are important plant nutrients as primary and secondary micronutrients fertilizer as plants does not require more micronutrients.

Micronutrients fertilizer that contains fertilizer valuable concentration of micronutrients. Most micronutrients influence growth For Example Manganese, Iron, Copper, and this help plants to grow which uses sunlight for growth.

  • Zinc: - Zinc is needed for the production of important plants. Zinc leads to structural defects in leaves and other plant organs.
  • Molybdenum: - Molybdenum is involved in plants enzymes system that control nitrogen metabolism.

Benefits of Micronutrients Fertilizer:-

  • Taking good materials in basic soil and taking into consideration for improvement of plant take-up
  • Improve early season energy which promotes the more advantages to plants in all seasons.
  • Upgrade protein union and catalyst activity.
  • Reduce the active levels of toxic elements
  • Combine with nutrients to create synergistic impact of development.