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According to the rules and regulation all fertilizer has to mark with three letter N, P, and K letter. These letter is stand for N – Nitrogen, P- phosphorous and K- potassium this all three number are found on the front of back side of the packages which indicate that three major nutrients component of fertilizer are presents.  All three of this is used in the plants and each nourishes plants in different ways.

Why NPK is important?

  • NPK is important because we see all plants needs nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to grow without any one of these plants fails to grow. Nitrogen is having largely responsible for the growth of the leaves of the plant. Phosphorous is largely responsible for root growth and flower and fruits development. Potassium is a nutrient that helps overall function of the plants.
  • By knowing all this things and NPK values for a fertilizer which help you to select one of appropriate type of plants you are growing.
  • This all the things is highly depend upon you that which type of plants you are growing if you are growing leafy vegetables then its require more amount of nitrogen. If your growing flowers then high amount of phosphorus is need to encourage more blooms.
  • The higher number the more thought the nutrients is in the fertilizer example number of fertilizer 20-4-5 had four times more nitrogen in it and phosphorus and potassium. Along with this lines number is written on the bundle of NPK it’s highly depends on the clients which to utilizeit.