Monopotasium Phosphate Fertilizer Manufacturer

Monopotassium Phosphate in Ahmedabad

Jaivik Crop LLp manufacture and supplier of monopotassium phosphate in Ahmedabad , GujaratMonopotassium phosphate is a potassium salt of phosphoric acid available as white in color. It’s widely used as ferment agents and nutritional supplement of food processing with number. The storage of Monopotassium phosphate should be in cool and dry place and always keep the container tightly closed.

Monopotassium phosphate is early used in season when potassium and phosphorous are needed at high rate for the establishment of the root system. The monopotassium phosphate is used in fruit to keep sugar level rich and helps to increase sugar content and improve the quality of these.It’s highly used in the agriculture for the production of crops, seed etc.


  • Fully water soluble
  • Consist of 100% plants nutrient
  • Free from chloride, sodium and other elements of plants
  • Safe for plants, human being because it has low level of ph and low salt index.