Bio Fungicide Manufacturer

Organic Fungicide Manufacturer

Bio Fungicide is details of living creatures that are utilized to control the action of plants pathogenic fungi and bacteria. The idea of bio fungicide is highly depends of normal procedure where helpful microorganisms typically separated from soil waste the action of plants pathogens.  Fungi and bacteria is free living growth of bio control microorganisms they are dynamic in root, soil and foliar environments. These microorganisms deliver wide range of anti-microbial substances and other fungi and induce to localize in the variety of plants.

What are uses of Bio fungicide

The most effective use of bio fungicide is to prevent treatment of seeds. They can be mixed up with planting and applied immediately after the transplanting but sure about that the entire soil volume should be treated. Bio fungicides must be place before pathogen infection as their action is purely protective. Frequently both to protect new growth and ensure that effective population of microorganism are presents. Most of bio fungicide has short reentry intervals.

Natural Bio fungicide Benefits to whole environment

  • Help reduce the use of chemical based fungicides
  • In most cases they are safer to use
  • Reduce the risk of developing pathogen resistant to traditional chemicals
  • Most cases they have lower level of reentry interval of times
  • Less level of phytotoxic.

Product:- Apex

Jaivik crop LLP is a manufacture, supplier and exporter of an highly influential range of Bio fungicide use for the organic discovered in a soil, crops etc. We are highly professional team engaged in manufacturing these products using high quality raw materials and new technology. Ourproducts are available at reasonable rate to our clients. As Jaivik Crop LLP offers other benefits that includes improved root growth and development. All these bio fungicides are comprised of all natural materials which do not contain chemical salts and other chemical materials. It is safe.

A successful bio fungicide must be formulated in manner that favors both the activity and survival of the microbes it contains Jaivik crop LLP products are powder with no special handling and storage requirement and safe more than 2 years.


  • High quality
  • Reliable
  • Varied specification
  • Eco friendly

Use it at first sight of insect’spest’searly detection followed by application of Apex when number of insects is low results in most effective control. Apply after 7 days to keep your crop clean and prevents insect population explosions. If insects get out of hand reduce the interval to 3-4 days and use a compatible quick use of Apex bottle. As Apex is safe use and many beneficial ways.