What is a Biozyme granule?

A Biozyme granule is a storage facility for various nutrients in accessible shapes. It is deductively to easy understand soil-degradable. The definition of granules better immunization in the agriculture fields.  The Biozymegranule is eco-friendly, hazardless and perfect for granules pesticide aside from which are of soluble in nature. The granule is applied to the soil which releases the nutrients in the plant.  Rhizosphere in this way animate development of valuable microorganisms and provide nutritional support to the plants and move towards becoming inconvenience free can be connected as standing products.

Jaivik Crop LLP which manufacture and supplier of Biozyme granules organic products which help for your proper growth of crops, pulses, seeds and vegetables. This is also used for our home lawns, garden, Golfcourse, green house etc.  Different bio Zyme granules are coming for vegetables, crops, lawn etc. according you requirement you should use it. The Biozyme granules are most hygiene environment under the highly qualified professional with premium quality and highly used technology.

There are various benefits of using Biozyme granules.

  • Increment in seed development
  • Expanded soil microbial movement
  • Higher supplement take-up
  • Better improvement in grains and natural products.
  • Increment in the size and weight of the organic products.
  • Early germination
  • Safe to use