There are number of fertilizer substance are available so it is important to choose which one is the best for your Garden, vegetables products, fruits ,crops etc. You should be aware of organic fertilizer because there are some who are giving chemical nutrients which can create problems plants growth if not properly applied.As potassium nitrate is common synthetic fertilizer that supplies both nitrogen and potassium.

Potassium nitrate is a fundamental supplement that advances in vegetable growth. So this is highly helpful for the leafy vegetables like spinach. Potassium is imperative for all vegetables and adds to winter toughness. The nutrients analysis of the potassium nitrate through 23-0-44 meaning that it is23 percent of nitrogen by weight 44 percent of potash so this way you can choose how many potassium nitrate is need to you.

As we can say that potassium nitrate is a “health elements”. With insufficient potassium plants growth will stalls, resistance to pests and disease weakness, fruits quality suffers and plants leaves become eventually yellow and die. So therefore potassium is beneficial for all vegetables,gardens unless soil analysis indicates. The potassium nitrate is referred to practice of dissolving in water to use as fertilizer. Potassium nitrate is eliminates all of these potential drawbacks so a good potassium nitrate fertilizer is usually the best choice for both conventional and organic gardens.